Sunday, April 16, 2006

fabric ATC's

I havent finished these ATC's but I will take them away with me and hope I have time to work a bit more on them. They have been fun to make, using the method Dale Rollerson did in a past Cloth Paper and Scissors, felt base and then fabric and sweet wrapper bits and pieces, lots of free motion embroidery, stamping, chiffon scarfe over, more free motion and then zapped with a heat gun, a large piece then cut up. Some things I thought would burn didnt and others burnt more than I thought. All very interesting.
Yesterday we went to see the house my youngest daughter is renting, it is large, has no cupboards, but has a nice feel to it, on a very nice farm property so she will feel at home. It was freezing cold so lovely that they have a wood stove in the kitchen. The children seem to feel happy there too which is great.
I am off in an hour to drive to Horsham for the fibre forum there. So nothing will be put on this for a week.

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Leanne Hurren said...

Lovely colours Penny. Can you remember which issue of Cloth Paper Scissors this is from - I'd like to try it out.