Thursday, April 13, 2006

Autumn in the garden

I have had such a busy few days I thought a few photos of the garden looking misty and damp with the glory vine would be better than my piece of base material I am struggling with for some ATC's. As you can see I am a bit of a pot fanatic.
I once more have had no time for sketching, I had a major shop this morning, and finally found a pair of jeans that dont sit on my hips and feel uncomfortable. I am of an age when one has to feel comfortable.
I had a long walk with the dogs again tonight, I dont think my back likes these walks but I must do it. I did come back with a heap of string and some more melons, the more you go over these paddocks the more you find.
I did do a heap of free motion machining on the piece I am working on but the xandaprint I put on my stamp has not bubbled up as it should and I dont seem to be able to get it thick enough. More work on that I think.
Poor Tabby came in to collect Celina this afternoon and looked worn out, she is trying to move house, work and clean the other house. John had collected Celina from school as they broke up early for the holidays. Celina seems to think this house is pretty good so that is a help. I hope to see it on Saturday as other wise it will be over a week before I see it.

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Alison said...

Your garden is so green, Penny. I hope you enjoy Horsham.