Saturday, March 22, 2014

Today, a bit of this and a bit of that.

I have finished this other little mermaid, it took me ages to get her hair and embellishments done, mostly because I need to sit quietly and do it. John had gone fishing this morning, cold and rather windy but the wind has now dropped so I hope they catch some fish. I went into the market and bought some olives and lovely small egg plant for pasta tomorrow night, also collected some pies from my lovely pie lady and a tart for to nights dinner. I wandered the streets a bit looking for some seed heads for a friend and found this lovely spray of flowering gum (eucalyptus ficifolia)and wondered if the caps would be any good, in the mean time it is a lovely flower head. I went along to walk on the beach, I dont usually do this on my own but I didnt walk yesterday as it was so windy and felt I really needed to today, the tide was very low again and it was a bit cool and windy but lovely never the less. Home and my chickens are out and until John gets home I cant get them back so I hope they will be alright. Off to make another small book and work out how to put on some paper on the covers, I have to think about these things! double click the photos to enlarge.


Hildred said...

Oh Penny, I see you are 'this and thating' too! Your visit to town and your walk sound lovely. I hope John brought home fish for supper.

Jo Murray said...

The little mermaid is so lovely...and the flowering gum. We have a red flowering gumtree in the back yard that presents me each year with a fabulous Xmas decoration.

ArtPropelled said...

We are having another hot spell so I'm also this-ing and that-ing. Too hot to work! Your little mermaid looks angelic.I bet one of your grandies would love to get her hands on that.... or is it all about horses for them.