Monday, March 03, 2014

My week in stitch

Monday we drove home from Halls Gap.nothing very exciting in either stitch or what I did. Tuesday I washed, cleaned and stewed a huge pot of peaches I had peeled and cut up (now in the freezer). Wednesday we had a lovely walk along the cliffs and the rest of the day was spent doing pretty mundane things. Thursday I couldnt even think of anything exciting to stitch, I felt tired and as though I had been going around and around in circles. I must have done things but I think the week end caught up with me. Friday was a lovely sunny day after quite a lot of cloud and I went shopping in the morning and did a little bit of gardening. Saturday would have been my sisters birthday so we had a lovely walk along her favorite beach to remember her and collected shells. Sunday John went fishing and I decided to clean out the green house that has been neglected for quite a while, the iron used to make it is rusting out and the shelves were falling down on what plants had survived so I tired myself out cleaning the whole thing out, a zillion empty pots, found some orchids that need resurrecting,and generally hoped the whole thing wouldnt fall on my head. I am finding that trying to do this every evening hard to keep up with now the weather is so much nicer. I seem to do the same things each day and I am not being adventurous enough with my stitching. I will keep going but it doesnt seem to have the freshness that I feel it should.

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Jo Murray said...

You always find plenty to stitch Penny. Are you planning to make a book of these? a diary.