Friday, November 29, 2013

I have a cold

I dont very often get colds and this one is awful.
I havent done a lot, read a book, done some easy sewing,and this morning went in to shop which nearly killed me!
So a couple of photos of the garden, and just to say, I am still alive, just, but not enjoying a streaming nose and sneezing.
Just as well I cant give it to any one over the computer.
Still feeding the dogs and getting the hens in and have seen from a distance the two new foals born today and yesterday.
I hope they dont get whisked away before I get photos, my daughter is too efficient and off they go to new paddocks which are too far away for me to get to unless some one drives me.
Off to do battle with the rooster!
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Jo Murray said...

Get well fast Penny... this is not the season to be sick.

Suztats said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Penny, but in the meantime get lots of rest. Hugs

Norma Wood said...

Aww, cold can really be a hassle. So how are you now? I hope you're fine. If not, just rest, drink lots of fluids and take some medicine.

Norma Wood @ (Donald R Troyer, M.D.)