Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hot and still

 John had a morning into the afternoon meeting so I went in to get the mail and paper and also a walk along the beach, so different to the last walk along here.
It started to warm up so after I had done my half hour or so, and chatted to some nice people on the beach with a corgi dog I came home with the temperature rising all the way home, but it was pleasant on the beach.
I needed to make this little doll for my hairdresser as we wont see her before Christmas and I think she is going home to South Africa.
Any way here is Elle who is another fairly new angel but is a little surprised with the trumpet she was given as she always thought Angels played harps.
I hope she is liked.
So I have been fairly busy even though the house has got rather hot, the chooks will be put away late tonight but Oscar is complaining about not being fed so I had better go and do that.
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Suztats said...

Elle is adorable! It looks hot and shimmery at the beach.

Robin Mac said...

I love your dolls and the stories you write about them!Cheers

Julie said...

Pretty new dolly!!!

ArtPropelled said...

I'm sure Elle will be loved!

Barry said...

Hi P - sorry I have not checked in much lately - the rush of life I'm afraid. F and I are off to US tomorrow - there has been a lot to the lead up. Always good to see that you do your daily creations - food for our souls. Go well. B