Monday, November 04, 2013

My week in stitch.

began well, ended horribly.
I will be glad when 2013 is over.
the grey fantails finished building their nest and started sitting outside the kitchen window on Monday.
Tuesday I had a day potting up plants in the garden.
Wednesday John finally shot the last rabbit in the garden, well for the moment any way until a new lot move in.
Thursday we walked among the granite boulders over at Pt Elliot.
Friday John had a cataract operation. I went in and out of Victor 3 times, a tiring day.
Saturday I drove 2 hours up and 2 hours back to our Welsh Show and we didnt do terribly well. One of those daysw.
Sunday I was told my younger sister had died in her sleep. A horrible day.
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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Penny to hear about your sister, a truly horrible day for you. Love and hugs and my condolences.

Jo Murray said...

Thinking of you will be a while before life seems 'normal'. ....much love going your way.

Rachel said...

How scary. I am very sorry.