Monday, November 25, 2013

My week in stitch

Quite a lot of flowers this week, mostly it was cool and damp.
Monday I whirled around doing a lot of odds and ends and not getting any where really.
Tuesday we tried to tie up the clematis, time will tell how clever we were but it is flowering fantastically.
Wednesday we went for a cold walk along the beach, a lot of wind and it was cold!
Thursday I went up to spend some time with my neice in Adelaide. I havent driven up to Adelaide much on my own lately and it was tiring.
Friday I shopped and put some seedlings up in to some pots and also planted a few things in the garden.
Saturday we walked again and it was a much better day.
Sunday was again spent in the garden, not all of it because I did some sewing, it was also a time to enjoy the flowers.
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