Monday, November 11, 2013

My week

 Life goes on.
My week in stitch, Monday we walked in the morning and I cleaned the house and made beds.
Tuesday was the Melbourne Cup, I still cleaned and cooked but the Cup stops the Nation.
Wednesday I collected the two young Dutchmen who had judged at our show and and who were staying the night. I took them to our local wildlife Reserve and they saw Koalas amongst other things. It was quite hot. I showed them around the area and Sarah took them out to see the ponies and over to Tabs to see her Cobs.
Thursday they were up late and off to the airport, Sarah took them and I tidied up and washed. It was pretty wet and windy for the next few days.
Friday we drove to Adelaide and I went to the Craft Fair and looked at the quilting exhibition and P picked me up and gave me lunch and we chatted until John collected me, his meeting went on for over an hour longer than expected, we were both tired by the time we arrived home.
Saturday we went to look at a couple of exhibitons at Goolwa and then that evening we celebrated Tabby and Millies Birthday with a bbq at their place.
Sunday John went fishing and I planted a few plants and felt miserable!
The top photo is of Mason helping to cook the bbq, he did such a good job and the next is Millie with the box her dolls house came in, I think they had more fun with the box!
This morning we walked along the cliffs, the water was so stirred up it looked rather like a washing machine, a lovely but cold and windy walk.
We have had two new foals in the last day or so, a lovely Welsh A filly and a huge Welsh B colt, we had a huge break in the foaling and then suddenly it all happens again.
It has been cold and wet, we have had just over 30mm of rain in the past few days, glad all our hay is in and maybe this will grow a bit more pasture for the cows to eat.

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Julie said...

Love your stitchery! What a way to document life's happenings! Pretty cool. You stay so busy! Amazing! Wonder woman, I dare say!!!
Hugs to you...Julie

Suztats said...

I wonder, Penny, are you saving your pages, marking the dates, and compiling them all into a booklet? A wonderful way to record your days in stitch!

fabriquefantastique said...

this blog gives me a real sense of time and place ( maybe I have said that before)

Jo Murray said...

It seems you are struggling from day to day Penny. I know it's hard to believe now, but, in time, the world will look a lot rosier. Glad you still are stitching your week.

ArtPropelled said...

Loving the stitched horse and trophy!