Thursday, November 14, 2013

Walking this morning

 There were sheep on the dam bank as we walked along near Petrels Cove.
I actually managed to walk to the end of the beach and back, I havent done that in months. I feel very pleased with myself.
It was a little sad as there are so many dead mutton birds ( shearwaters) all along the beach. In our walks lately we have seen hundreds of them. I have never seen so many but we have had wild seas and winds and I suppose it is natures way of not letting populations get too big.
There was also a large dead seal on the rocks, at first we thought it was a rock as it was on the beach a fair distance below us, but now I have looked at the photos I took it is very obviously a seal.
I havent put that photo up here.
The Billy buttons are still flowering well above the beaches and I added a rock to the welcoming cairn on the beach.
Tiring but as I had felt terribly depressed this morning it cleared the air.
I am not really looking forward to tomorrow which is the memorial for my sister.
Perhaps when it is over I will feel better.

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Jo Murray said...

You live in a beautiful part of the world Penny. Chin up, things WILL get better.

Suztats said...

A nice walk always lifts my spirits, too, Penny on days when I'm feeling low. Hugs to you, and wishing you strength for tomorrow.

Julie said...

Sending love across the ocean to you, Penny!!!