Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This morning and an explanation

 It is hay season here and these are some of our neighbours big round bales, ours have been done too but these were by the side of the road and easy to capture.
I felt the need this morning to go over to the other coast where my sister had a house and walk on the beach and take photos.
The beach wasnt walkable but I did take a few photos of the Bungala creek going out to sea and the hills further along.
Some one asked how I was doing my weekly stitch. I am at the moment doing 2 weeks at a time and then joining them together and rolling it. I put the dates on the two week piece. I probably should put explanations but as I also write a daily diary what I have done is in there.
I have shown you both sides of the roll.
I am enjoying it but sometimes I havent a lot to stitch about, and I only seem to use a very few stitches although I am going back through my TAST ones but some are not terribly suitable so I tend to go back to the stitches I feel comfortable with.
Taken from tanglewood threads blog and she uses much more interesting stitches than I do.
John calls mine the Back Valley tapestry, not the Bayeux!
I am not sure for how long I will do this as I only started mine in August but I would like to do a full year.

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Barry said...

P - what a glorious looking sky - perfect for walking in. The stitch commitment is a lovely way to do a bit of art when time offers - good idea. B

Anneliese said...

I just love those comments of husbands. They are always so funny. I am following your beautiful blog now and then but not commenting very often. I love your landscape photos.

Suztats said...

Your photos are beautiful Penny! I do so enjoy the big skies....

deb said...

Hi Penny, great photos, love the one with the hay bales.
Do keep on with your "Back Valley Tapestry" your stitch pieces are lovely.
I was saddened to read about your sister's death, so sorry for your loss.
I am amazed at the amount of things you get done.
We moved to Hepburn Springs three months ago, enjoying the scenery. Great to see that you are walking well. xox