Monday, November 18, 2013

My week in stitch

 Using rusted fabric does have its moments, some things dont show up as well.
Monday we walked and I did the washing.
Tuesday we walked as well but I had a rather depressed and miserable day.
Wednesday we walked along the beach towards the Bluff and there were a lot of dead shearwaters on the beach, an awful lot, quite depressing.
Thursday we walked again and we managed to walk down to the beach at the end of the Petrel Cove walk, all in about an hour and a half, the best I have done yet. I love the cairn of rocks at the beginning of the beach.
Friday was Adelaide and the memorial for Felicity, not as bad as I thought it might be.
Saturday we had coffee with friends.
Sunday I was tired and my knee hurt and John was fishing so I tried a stitch I found in Jan Messents book on her embroidery, plain old running stitch laced with a rather nice piece of dyed ribbon. It almost looks braided, something I think I will use in future.
The photo is of one of our walks showing the sea, some lovely clouds, the Bluff and Wright Island.
Peaceful and lovely.
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Jo Murray said...

Another lovely stitched week Penny. Thinks WILL look up.