Monday, October 21, 2013

Unfinished travewllers blanket, week in stitch and a little spirit doll

 My travellers blanket is still to be finished, I am doing it very slowly, but it warms me in the morning when I check on my computer and have breakfast in my chair. I wont need it for much longer with summer on its way.
My week in stitch, zmonfsy was a good day, and on Tuesday we went to celebrate the local Tourist Information Centers 25 years. I was in the first batch of volunteers, it was fun but I gave up when John became Mayor as it was difficult to be impartial!!
Wednesday we went to Adelaide for hair cuts, pretty wonky stitches there. Thursday we spent in the garden  and Friday the hoses came out and the sprinkler systems needed to be looked at, very hot and windy days.
On Saturday we went to a marvellous exhibition by Stephen Bowers at Goolwa, he decorates pots absolutely beautifully, and at time with a huge sence of fun. The willow pattern appears in many but in a very Australian context.
Sunday we finally went for a walk, waves showing their 'manes' being blown back by the northerly wind.
I am also having fun playing with these little spirits, paper and beads and polymer clay.
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underatopazsky said...

I love the variety of things you're working on - the spirit dolls are really appealing.

Jo Murray said...

Your sense of whimsy is so apparent in your stitching Penny. LOVE that little spirit.