Thursday, October 17, 2013

Travelling shrine

 Arrived today, one of Barry Smiths amazing travelling shrines. I am not sure why these things come when I am feeling down ( knee and joint aches, changeable weather, dont ask!!).
Any way here it is with a small offering of pink hawthorn flowers. I love it and I can see I will have a new travelling companion.
Next photo is the beautiful box it came in with black silk and felt inside. I love the whole concept.
So thank you for Maya of the rosebud gallery for organising this for me, as I cant get to things in person it is wonderful to occasionally get something for myself (the fact that I had a birthday and family had given me some money helped)
Barry's blog rustnstuff is here.
Hope this works, google seems to have changed a few things again.
Weather is awful, cold and still windy, yesterday was hot and windy. I wish the wind would stop as it plays merry h... with my hayfever.
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Jo Murray said...

Barry's work is always exquisite. Glad you get to enjoy this piece.

ArtPropelled said...

So glad you have got this beautiful travelling shrine at a time when you need a lift.

Julie said...

happy late birthday!