Tuesday, October 22, 2013

damp days and another Spirit doll.

 Typical Spring weather here, thank goodness the heat has gone and yesterday the wind dropped but it was damp and drizzly all day. Much the same today but the wind is back.
We had a violent thunderstorm in the night that blew out the power until about 8.30 am, the cows were waiting to be milked and not pleased about it, I think they are now done, no early look at the computer, no toast but water heated on the bbq. We do miss our normal routine.
The photos I took yesterday at the cliffs near Petrels' cove, these were the ones that didnt have rain spots on them, it was a lovely walk, the waves thumping and no wind.
I finished off this second little spirit doll yesterday and am about to start on another smaller one today, using up my mat board I had cut!
They are such fun to play with and I have a few masks I had made.
I pulled weeds this morning early too as the rain has just made it easier to pull but I didnt get nearly enough done until my back told me to stop.
The bit I did looks good though so I hope for a bit more time tonorrow, sounds wimpy but we are out to dinner tonight and if I do too much I find I get too tired.
I wish my body didnt tell me it was getting old, the brain certaily doesnt think so.
Make the most of each day as it comes.

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Julie said...

Sweet spirit doll!!!!!

Jo Murray said...

I don't suppose you could send some rain to NSW...they are in a terrible situation. We also haven't had more than a sprinkle for two month's in Little Mountain. Dry, dry, dry. LOVE those spirit dolls.