Saturday, October 05, 2013

A busy couple of days

 After yesterdays excitement of going out to both lunch and dinner in one day, today was lovely, I shopped early in the morning and then at mid morning we headed over to the agricultural show at Yankalilla, a lovely typical show of which I took only a couple of photos which really didnt show what it was like, the best was the fellow doing a shearing demonstration.
We went back up into the village and had a lovely light lunch (tapas) at the local cafe, which is a wonderful mix of very old, very kitch and wonderful food.
On the way home I managed to get John to stop while I photographed a flowering grass tree, in my youth we called them black boys, the birds love the flowers on this wonderful very tall spike.
Yankalilla is full of lovely old cottages, my grand mother and great aunt lived in one of these, not this one, I just loved its garden and fence. This was next door to the cafe.
Sorry I am telling you about the photos back to front.
John is burning heaps, and the wind has changed which means that now I have a house full of smoke.
Very windy this morning and now the wind has dropped as well, still it was a lovely day.
Tomorrow is the start of daylight saving, would you believe we have it for 6 months, ridiculous.

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Robin Mac said...

I love country shows, much better than the big city ones. We have the grass trees in quite a few places in our botanic gardens too. Cheers