Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Dolls, foals and flowers

 Just a reminder about my give away, scroll down to find it, ends Friday evening my time.
Here is another little miss. Her name is Rachel and she had almost given up all hope when a handsome prince croaked in her ear.
So silly.
We have had a few new foals, with the awful weather we have been having it is inevitable, here are a couple of the new arrivals, both Welsh Mountain foals, the first a filly and the second a very nice little colt. Born a few days ago, todays arrival in freezing cold and wild winds is in a covered yard, a colt to be named I think Gailforce!
I walked down yesterday to take these photos.
Finally my yellow clivia is flowering, I can never get the colour right but after nearly 20 years wait it has been worth it the last few years.
Absolutely awful weather, I hope it clears up soon.
I have been inside, sewing and doing a bit of beading.

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Robin Mac said...

Love the foals Penny, of course they choose to come in the worst weather possible - just to make you appreciate them! That clivea looks pretty special too. Cheers

Gwen Buchanan said...

beauty surrounds you Penny. what an adorable colt!!!

Julie said...

Oh, hello Rachael! You are cute!!!
New foal is adorable! Love the long hair mane on the horse in front...looks like a hippie!

Hildred said...

Wonderful foals, sweet doll, and I hope your weather improves.

Jo Murray said...

Adorable little creature!...Rachel too.

shirley said...

the foals are beautiful and gailforce could be a very appropriate name given the weather you are having.
Rachel is a lovely doll I love the fabrics you have used Penny.
Cliveas make a gorgeous show when they flower. This one has been worth the wait.