Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Bugs and another doll

I made these bugs a while ago, felt is so nice to play with, especially wool felt.
Another little girl was finished the other day too, she is Rona who has an adventurous spirit but was shocked when the witch doctor put a rather smelly fish skeleton around her neck to ward off evil spirits. I really dont know what to do with this collection of dolls, they are all residing in the cupboard at the moment, although a couple have gone off but the really have been rather addictive to make, I have so much lovely material and so many stories to tell.
The weather is heating up and the silage stacks are getting bigger.
I am washing and ironing, such a boring job but for some reason the aches are back so I am doing relatively easy things.
Hope all my readers, and I really dont think there are many, have a lovely day.
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Julie said...

Neat bugs! Did you do the pattern yourself? I like the sort of sided bugs they are! Cute newest doll, too!

Jo Murray said...

No wonder you keep making those dolls...they must be quite addictive. Have you tried selling them on Etsy?

ArtPropelled said...

Jo took the words out of my mouth about Etsy. Love the rich earthy colours in this one.

Robin Mac said...

Those bugs are certainly cute, and I love all your dolls. I see the weather is really heating up again down there today - we have a lovely cool breeze blowing, but still no sign of rain. Cheers