Sunday, October 27, 2013

Such a lovely day

Yesterday John and I went over to McLaren Vale to see some of the paintings in the fleureu biennial landscape prize. we didnt see them all  but to say I was disappointed in what I saw is being kind. I hope the better ones were where we didnt go.
We had a lovely lunch at Red Poles, sitting on the veranda,very pleasant and I rather liked some of the understated stuff that was in their gallery, cant remember her name.
I think the highlight was the barrel tops that David Dridan had got together and was on display at Wirra Wirra.
From there we wandered through the area, photos of lovely vistas, the one from Kay's winery and another on the drive to Pt Willunga on Malpas road of vines with the hills behind.
The best time to visit while everything still looks fresh.
Pt Willunga on a glorious day, some one had manufactured a lovely fence of sticks and then walking down to the beach with the remains of the jetty still there.
A wedding at the base of the steps on the beach, a lovely wander along the beach (I found a cowrie) and reminiscing of those strange mud clad cliffs and how as children we would climb them and get filthy and slide down on our bottoms when they were wet.
Then the view as we walked back. Limpets on the rocks, it was a very low tide.
We came home the back way through an avenue of trees on the dirt road .
Almost a photographic overload.
I savour every day that is like that.
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Jo Murray said...

A perfect day Penny...except for the art...but whatever art you want to see is all around you.

Suztats said...

Sounds and looks like a wonderful day!

virginia said...

How beautiful! Low tide and such lovely colours. The Willunga hills and vineyards look so inviting, too. Our vines are turning yellow and the hillsides are full of the most wonderful yellows, oranges and reds. Quite stormy today, although now ate 5.30 pm we have a very blue sky. Supposed to be a hurricane later.

Lots of love, (we used to use trays to slide down the cliffs - more ssophisticated than one's bottom)!