Friday, October 18, 2013

In the garden

 My geranium maderense in full head of blooms, love this plant and it has lovely leaves when not in flower.
P's rhododendron, I have three flower heads on it this year, it always seems to flower late and this year the windy weather has not helped it, but it is now out of its pot and I hope enjoying being in the ground. I am a bit worried as we had to cut back the plum tree and wisteria it was under and it will need to be shaded in summer.
Zepherine Drouin, she was waving around in the wind but is by the garage and luckily is almost thornless, rather a strident colour but I really dont mind as she flowers steadily through the year.
The wind has been awful, I keep sniffing and sneezing and snuffling from the hay fever so going out in the wind is not pleasant. Just once I would love a soft, mild spring ( and followed by a nice summer too) but it wont happen.
The dreadful fires in NSW are all giving us much to think about as there is a lot of growth along the road sides.

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Julie said...

Those roses are gorgeous! What a perfect shade of pink!

Hildred said...

Nice to think of you enjoying spring while we are going through a gorgeous fall into winter.

I was very interested in the Travelling Shrine in your previous post, Penny.

Jo Murray said...

You must have a fabulous garden!

ArtPropelled said...

Glorious pinks!