Monday, October 07, 2013

My week in thread and the morning walk

 I used one of my rusted pieces of fabric for this  piece, I think it maybe a bit yellowish and some things dont show up terribly well' Monday John strted to burn some of the heaps around the place, Tuesday the wind came up and it blew, it did the same on Wednesday and I did not do a lot of constructive work, but I did do some stitching on this. Thursday John went up to the hills and brought me back a spider orchid as I cant go out to see them, it is lying on its back I am afraid.
Friday was my birthday and I went to lunch with a friend, lots of chat and a lovely meal. John also took me out later that day so all in all a lovely day.
Saturday we went to a local Ag show but what really had taken my eye was that going over to it lots of the Yakka or black boy or grass tree, take your pick were out in flower, my white flowers dont show terribly well and this one is also on its back.
Sunday we went out to see how the mowing was going in the back paddocks.
My week in stitch.
This morning the sun was shining and we had a quick walk along the beach, lovely but as withall things farming we had to rush back to make sure all was well with the mowing, and silage making.
Now it has clouded over and is quite cold.
fickle spring weather.

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ArtPropelled said...

Catching up after taking a blog break. Loving your embroidered pieces, especially the one with the egret, a few posts back. Looking at your beautiful beach and wishing I could go for a walk there. We have just returned from a hair raising trip to the wild coast. It was not safe enough for the women and children to walk on the beach without the men. Relieved to be back after a few unpleasant incidents, including road blocks with burning tires.

Jo Murray said...

I LOVE rusty stuff.....this piece is just exquisite.

Gill said...

I've just done my first rust dyeing - I don't have enough rust on it though!! so I'll have to re do it or overdye it!