Sunday, October 06, 2013

Some favorite views

 We have started making silage and I went out with John to see how it was going. I love this end of the valley but unfortunately we are having to sell off a large amount of the area they were doing silage making on.
At least our son is buying it but it is heartbreaking non the less.
It wont really pay off the debts but will help to keep us here for a bit longer.
The dairy industry here is in dire straits with most if not all farmers owing money, mostly for feed.
We had droughts, high feed prices and now low payments for our milk with all costs on the farm rising every year. If we are not careful there will be very few dairy farmers left, particularly in our part of the country.
I suppose when the time comes we will be past an age when we should retire into town, but I dont really want to.
Yes P I do feel down about it all and not particularly happy about what we have to look forward to.
So I think I am aloud to be a grumpy old woman occasionally.
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Michael said...

Sorry to hear, Penny. Unfortunately it isn´t better in Sweden. Lots of farmers close down here. / Ingrid

shirley said...

It is a very sad situation for farmers all over the country...I actually think it is a disgrace that the government has allowed this to happen to good hard working farmers all over the country.

Gill said...

It's no better in the UK with smaller farms going out of business and being eaten up by the larger ones! the herd sizes are getting bigger every year