Monday, March 11, 2013

This morning

 In the heat, we went to get plums off these trees, well not those exactly, at least one is a fig, but friends have a small orchard under net and they asked if we would like to come for morning tea and pick plums, we said yes we would love to, but the heat was pretty fierce and we were glad to get indoors.
Once it cools down a bit I will stew and then freeze these as breakfast fruit with yoghurt.
We cant afford to net ours so the birds tend to get them early and any way with the water problems there would not be much any way.
This has been an odd summer, bursts of heat and then cool but little rain at all.
Our paddocks are looking bare and dry but then so are most other peoples.
Too hot to do much except early morning and late evening but it is the humidity factor that is draining us all I think.
I know this is supposed to be autumn, but at the moment roll on winter!
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Doreen G said...

My neighbour over the back fence usually gives us some plums but they all cooked on the tree this year.
What a waste.

Anneliese said...

Those plums are just too wonderful - I am sure they are sweet with your heat. Our winter is lasting too long now - we are longing for spring now - it is time for it. We got sick of heating already, ha ha, what a difference.

Robin Mac said...

Couldn't get in to comment yesterday - the plums look yummy, I am sure you will enjoy them in the months to come. The stitching in your previous post looks good too. Cheers

shirley said...

Those plums look delicious Penny. It must be so hard for people on the land with all this weird weather.

Julie said...

Oh, these look so pretty! Enjoy! The weather is unusual here one day, really cold the next. Hang tight!