Monday, March 04, 2013

From wet to dry

 We are home, the cat, released from cattery prison is pacing, and it is dry and hot and horrid.
A few other things going on in the background as well, as dairy farmers we are not doing well and the future doesnt look bright.
I am not planning ahead at the moment.
It would have been nice to be away for a few days and away from it all but we were not.
Enough said at the moment, I will try not to stress but it isnt easy.
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Julie said...

Hang in there Penny! Something will present itself. Keep busy with your art. Things will change, I'm sure!
Hugs, Julie

Gwen Buchanan said...

I hope things turn around for you.

Jo Murray said...

If only we could send some of our rain to you! Hope things look up soon.

Robin Mac said...

I hope like improves for you soon Penny, and I wish we could send you some of our rain - we have already had 383mm for March - and supposed to rain till the end of the week - ugh!

Gail P said...

Good to know that you're back home, safe. Sorry to hear that things are so rough. Take a lot of deep breaths; Lately I find that helps to release some of the stress. We often forget to just slow down our breathing. XOXOX

Barry said...

P- wow! That is dry - you could have taken some of our weather home with thou. B