Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Calm and hot

 We went in for a quick walk on the beach this morning, it was almost like a mill pond but even at about 8.45 am was getting very hot.
The gum tree as you walk onto the beach was starting to flower and these are some of the blossom, the tree was full of parakeets but no hope of a photo of them.
so home again after turning the hoses on early and doing some stuff inside as it gets warmer and warmer.
I will be glad when it cools down, even if perhaps my joints will ache even more.
Off to tidy my work room.

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shirley said...

the sea looks lovely with that glassy calmness. I love the gum tree blossoms even if they do make me sneeze.

A said...

Nice shots, I wish we could get some of that warmth over here haha

ArtPropelled said...

What a beautiful morning! Though I could do without the heat.