Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday morning collage

 I have had to change into long pants and a jumper! It is cold and there is a nasty little southerly wind blowing.
Not much rain though.
We went off this morning early for a walk, being hardy souls in short pants and t shirts, with a sleeveless jacket over the top and a cap and froze!
I can hear calves bellowing in the sheds, is this really the beginning of autumn?
Oh I do hope so.
The tide was the lowest I have seen it for ages, some fascinating clouds, sea urchin pieces in the pools and on the beach, such interesting  marks on them when the spines have gone.
The movement of water at such a low tide was different too, washing away little sand banks and leaving bubbles as the water came and went.
The willy wag tail was following me all along the beach, pecking at something, insects perhaps, and then going back to the bushes in the sand dunes, I wondered if it had a late nest or was just so used to people it wasnt worried. I took the photo about a foot from it.
If you double click the phots will enlarge.
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Anneliese said...

I see gems on your photos!!

Doreen G said...

What is the item in the bottom right hand corner?
It looks as though it could be made into an embroidery.

Julie said...

Beautiful photos at the sea, Penny!!!