Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A small cushion and a walk

I had made the face of this cushion ages ago, using if I remember rightly oil sticks and then hand sewed it. I didnt really know quite what to do with it until John suggested a small cushion, so that is what it has become.
I am finding that unless something is useful I really dont know what I am going to do with things.
I am feeling the need to de clutter, but not sure if I want to!
I am about to start a new on line class with Jude Hill which I am hoping will give me some inspiration.
I think because I hurt and my joints dont like me and I find sleeping not easy when I am in pain that I cant get very motivated. Not like me.
No walk today as I had other things to do but yesterday, very early we were out on the cliffs from Petrels' Cove. There were sheep in the paddock by the track and long shadows on the sand as a lone surfer decided wether to go in or not.
The tide was again very low so the pools in the rock were showing interesting lines of sea weed and worm casts on the rocks and the pools themselves were reasonably still and had a feeling of going off into the distance.
The sea was quite noisy too, it makes me feel better being there but it does turn into a bit of a route march with John as he needs to get home, get things done, etc etc, so not a lot of time to just sit and enjoy.
I am lucky that at least he does come with me.
Poor man I think he worries about what is happening to both me and the farm.

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Robin Mac said...

Lovely photos as usual Penny, especially the textures in the last one. I hope your joints feel a lot better soon - must be the changing seasons I think, I am stiff and sore also. Enjoy your class with Jude. Cheers

Suztats said...

Oooh, i like your pillow! Love the subject matter and the colours.
I'm a wee bit stiff today, as I was painting walls yesterday. Hope you're feeling better.

A said...

Love the photos at the end. I hope you find some time to really sit and enjoy the water, just watching it and listening to it is something I can do for hours at a time.

Gail Pierce said...

lovely photos of the sea! and the cushion is marvelous. I know what you mean about not making something unless it's useful. I've been trying to de-clutter. Ha!Jealous that you're taking a class with Jude Hill! Feel better! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and the pillow is very nice. I eliminated some foods from my diet and it's helped with joint pain, just a thought.

Julie said...

Sweet cushion, Penny! I hear you on the de-cluttering. I think we have taken at least 15 bags to the Goodwill in the past few weeks! It just starts to get on your last nerve! Beautiful photos Penny!