Sunday, March 31, 2013

A little bit wet

 We went in for a walk this morning, which had to be aborted as it was much wetter in Victor than it was at home.
My knee has been playing up a bit as well and I didnt really feel much like a wet walk.
The beach was out as it was covered in sea weed and the cliffs are quite exposed.
So I havent had a proper walk for days, although I have been busy in and around the house.
On Good Friday I went over to Yankalilla aned spent the morning on the desk with a friend at the Mix it Up Exhibition.
For once it was a very slow movement of people through. I hope it gets better over the week end.
John collected me and we went up to Pt Willunga and had a lovely lunch with friends. I am not sure why but I came home and fell asleep!
Saturday morning John went up to the airort to collect Will, our Melbourne grandson, and I went in to the market in Victor and did some washing and made sure everything was ready.
I havent done a lot, I did start to get stuff ready for my class with Jade Pegler in Ballarat which begins next week, we go over on Saturday, taking Will with us, he is only 13 but boy has he grown since Christmas.
I am doing some slow sewing and a tiny bit of knitting, but mostly its trying to get things done in the morning as by about 2 in the afternoon my leg is telling me off. I think I will survive Ballarat!!
Trying not to eat (or drink wine!) as with this enforced inactivity is making me gain weight.
If its not one thing it is another.
I do hope every one has had a Happy Easter and is driving carefully.

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Julie said...

Such lovely country scenes...and rain! Beautiful! Enjoy your grandson!!!

Michael said...

rather rain than snow as we in southern Sweden have about a meter + lots of degrees below zero still!

Carol said...

So pretty, Penny! I'm sorry about your leg, I'm dealing with a hip at the moment and after seeing what you said I feel slightly guilty that I'm still drinking wine - if (when) I put on weight I'll remember what you said.

Robin Mac said...

Enjoy your class in Ballarat Penny, I hope your knee does not interfere with your enjoyment too much. Lovely photos of the countryside as usual, and I love your ear rings in the next post. Cheers from Buderim where we are enjoying some beautiful weather.