Saturday, March 23, 2013

Its been a few days

 I have been busy, not achieving a lot but trying to get things done.
we celebrated my sisters birthday at P's place on Thursday, I baked a cake and we had quiche and salad and cheese and wine and it was very pleasant having lunch outside.
Thanks P much better than being in a hurry in a cafe.
I have to say the night before was a nightmare with high winds and some rain and lightening strikes, so not a lot of sleep.
There are two photos of a dam with not much water in it, we pump up to this one or it would be dry and also a photo of the house paddock with the poplar tree in a pretty dry paddock, it looks worse now as the cows have been in it, with hay fed out to them.
We have had about 9mm over the last few days but you honestly wouldnt know it, so much wind to dry things out again.
In to the market this morning and a slow walk along the beach near Hayborough early, lots of dog walkers but some lovely clouds.
Double click to enlarge.
Must say my knee has ached ever since but I have been trying to get some knitting stuff out, cant find a crucial pattern! So at the moment I am unwinding , or rather winding a mess of wool that I found in the cupboard.
I found, some where on the net, a pattern for a knitted nest, which I thought I would like to have a play with, I will have to use a circular needle instead of double ended ones as I forgot to get some this morning but I dont see why that shouldnt work. The fact that I bought the circular needles and have never used them is beside the point, experiment I say.
Making messes wherever I go, but I have been trying to tidy up as well and now have a heap of free knitting patterns taken off the net all neatly in a folder, well they are neatly there for the moment.
I should be able to find a pattern when I look for it now, surely.
Well food for dinner to be thought of, luckily my posh pie lady had some for me this morning. Beef and wine so into the oven and top and tail some fresh beans bought this morning as well. A glass of wine and that should do very well.

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Jo Murray said...

Hope there's more rain, less wind, on the way Penny.