Saturday, March 16, 2013

Suddenly its cool and a bit damp

 My lovely crucifix orchid has decided to flower, I have about four more buds starting to open but this is the most advanced, it seems to like under the perspex on the verandah. One I brought back from J's Queensland garden years ago. So much prettier than the usual orange one but I have seen a red I would like but .. even though I am a great garden pincher this one is too far in for me to try and get a kiki.
We walked along the cliffs and on to the little beach near Petrels' cove the other day, it was much cooler and quite grey, we went in to walk this morning after the market but the rain beat us to the beach so we had a coffee instead.
Some lovely vegetables in at our farmers market and we had a magnificent sweet corn cob each for lunch.
I probably need that walk but suddenly it is quite wet out there and any way, I am about to have another go at coptic stitch binding on a small book I am making.
I am just waiting for the covered boards to dry.
I did this stitch in a class with Adele Otteridge, years ago and havent been back to it since, but with my trysty notes and another couple of books I think I can work it out. I hope so, I love making books.
Oh I had almost forgotten, I love these tiny blue shells that hide in the crevices of the rocks on the beach, they are so small it is hard to take a decent photo. If you click twice you may see them better.

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Jo Murray said...

Hooray for wet Penny.