Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walking Kings Beach

This morning it was cool and grey and overcast and a good time to see how my knee would cope with our favorite walk to Kings Beach.
I have been walking on the flat pretty well and I have done one walk up the house paddock which is rough and managed that.
Kings Beach how long since I was last there? Months as I hadnt been able to walk it and there were a few improvements, some stone steps in some of the steeper parts so I managed it all very well although a bit more carefully and a bit slower than I would normally.
So a lovely walk, tons of photos which I will put up a few more later, some lovely textured stuff around too.
I dont know why all the seabirds were gathered on the rocks here by the old fish trp but they were and not inclined to move either.
There was a fellow catching mullet as well, I suggested to John that as his fishing trip yesterday only produced fish for the cat that perhaps he could come here tomorrow, I am not sure if he was keen on the idea.
Some of the red/orange lichens on the rocks were really spectacular (well I think they are lichen).
You can see from the last photo how misty and grey it all was, this is the other side of the Bluff and seal rock in the far distance.
click to enlarge.
I am trying to play with stuff but nothing is coming together at the moment so nothing to show, all a bit frustrating.
Oh and I made another one of those impossible pies last night and added smoked salmon, it was super yummy.

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Wanda..... said...

Glad your walk to Kings Beach went well...I missed yesterday's post, the items you received were lovely. Delwyn, my mail art friend from Australia, has a daughter and infant grandchild that live in Tokyo and her mother lives in Christchurch. They were safe through these horrible disasters. Sad times.