Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Not what I expected to see

Especially not on a busy Melbourne suburban street at midday, but this ring tail possum dived down a street tree and then went back up again. One of our sweetest possums, but not beloved by suburbanites as they tend to nest in roof cavities and sheds.
I was delighted to see this one, normally nocturnal I had a thriving breeding colony for a while as pets.
We were returning from a shopping expedition, new pants and jumper for John, new t -shirt and wool sleeveless cardi for me (hope to camophlage my expanding tum!)
My feet were so sore after yesterdays marathon walk but I managed the walk to the bus stop and through the shopping center and will try for a last walk to the beach a bit later on.
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virginia said...

How lovely! What a dear little fellow! There is one here in a German zoo which is all the rage because it is cross-eyed. They say it comes from New Zealand. I didn't know they had them.


Virginia, (home at last)!

Robin Mac said...

We used to have them thundering across our roof before the rain tree fell over last year. I love them in the wild, but they have hobnailed boots on when they are on a roof! The Kiwis would be happy to export all their possums to Germany, they never stop telling us how horrible we were to take them to New Zealand! Glad to know you are having so much fun in Melbourne. Cheers.