Saturday, March 12, 2011

I have been remiss

I took part in Kate Norths Little quilt swap 5 and these are the lovely quilts that I received, both different but I really love them both, the first is from Lisa in Victoria here in Australia and the second is from Robyn in the Uk. Wasnt I lucky.
They are giving much enjoyment to guests in my guest bedroom.
I have finally finished my sketchbook for the Australian sketchbook challenge and this is one of the final things I have done, it could also possibly be part of the flower theme we have running in Holey Moley 2 with Dale Rollerson, a flower made from some curtain net I had used as a stencil to spray through and then cut up the petal shapes and put them together.
Last but certainly not least is a wonderful present from Africa, my friend Robin Gordon off Art Propelled blog said she saw this on a trade table and thought of me, ponies of course are very important here. I began the Welsh Stud back in 1971 and it is still going strong and although my daughter would say the conformation isnt quite right for what she wants I love this little wire and beaded fellow.
I am not sure if I should say I was thinking of going to Africa, I thought of Christchurch and look what happened there, and going back to Japan is/was also on the list but after seeing the terrible destruction there last night I am now not so sure. We went to Sendai on our way through to Hokkaido last time we were there, such amazingly horrific scenes. One wonders where next on the Pacific rim there will be another earthquake. Luckily most of our Japanese friends are inland but it is going to affect the whole of the nation I would think.

We were in Adelaide yesterday, it was my older sisters birthday on the 9th but we were still coming home from Melbourne then so I went up to take her out to lunch yesterday, a lovely lunch with my friend P as well, I was glad John had a meeting though as I could get a lift up with him and then borrow his car.
Feel a bit tired today, should clean the house but it can wait.
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ArtPropelled said...

No wonder you are pleased with the quilts. They are so pretty. Glad to see the horse made it across the ocean in one piece!

annie said...

As ArtPropelled says...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to both Christchurch and Japan. I worry, with you, Penny, about folks that live along that Ring of Fire.