Friday, March 25, 2011

Autumn is here

New calves, the first of about 400, actually there are more but these are the only heifers so far. A red and white and a black and white holstein.
The mares and foals have spent the summer on these paddocks and now the calves go onto them.
I saw this fungi while walking yesterday, I think they may be a type of puff ball but I loved thier little skirts.
Still cold but a flash of sun every so often. I like our mild winters normally but this really is a bit early, I think the weather man says it may warm up for a while next week. I just wish they would stop daylight saving earlier, here we are not to the end of it and the sun doesnt come up till nearly 7.30, it is ridiculous. John is worried that we may dry off for a month or so, not good for pasture repleneshing.
Ever know a farmer who is happy with the weather?

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