Monday, March 21, 2011

Misty and cold

John had stuff to do in Victor but I went in with him so I could have a walk, well we both had a walk, there was low cloud and quite a strong wind blowing, we needed caps and jackets and decided to walk over the cycle bridge to Kent Reserve, not the other way we often go around the point.
There were two yatchs anchored in the bay and there was a strong current running in the river but it wasnt going out to sea as we thought it would be.
You can see how strange the atmosphere was, not normally like this at all.
I am of course not doing what I wanted to do, I have been looking for a work book I knew I should have and couldnt find, always frustrating. I have finally found it, with a heap of other workbooks that I should look at again, why is it that you think you have finished something and suddenly you need to find it?
Better go and get done some of the things I promised myself I would do and havent!

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