Thursday, March 17, 2011

New books and the garden

I am so tired, after the last few days it has been a relief to be home doing some book work, now I would like to curl up and go to sleep but I have things to do.
On Tuesday I had a full day painting class and what I did is on my other blog, then I raced home fed us and went back in for a beading class.
Yesterday was on the whole dreadful but had good bits in it. We had to be in Adelaide all day for hair and dental appointments and also to go to a lecture in the evening, in the midst of all of this at home my very favorite little mare was found in a very distressed way and had to be put down, I was terribly upset as I couldnt get home to her to say goodbye, there was no point as she had to be put down quickly to put her out of her misery but even so I am afraid my dentist got the brunt of my miserable feelings and the fact that I hate going to the dentist any way and was really sick of being treated like a child who cant clean my teeth, in no uncertain terms I told him that as I had done all he asked perhaps my teeth or mouth were to blame at which he finally grudgingly thought there might be something in it.
I was really in no fit state to go looking for books to fill the lovely voucher my sister had given us for Christmas, but as the shops were in receivership I knew I couldnt waste the money she had spent to give them to us, and very luckily she had given me one that worked at another bookshop as well, so although I had to pay a $ for every $ on the voucher I came home with these two magnificent books, I would never have bought them otherwise, I have another African book by Angela Fisher called Africa Adorned which I love and this one is just as magnificent with wonderful photos of textiles and beading and there are so many ideas in it.
The top one, is just incredible, the photos in this are wonderful stunningly beautiful photos of the interiors of the Scott and Shackleton Antarctic huts, now 100 years old, it is like a museum of hardship and Edwardian resourcefulness, in a lot of ways although not in such extreme conditions brought back memories of our farm when I first came here, the things used and made out of everything, nothing wasted, I still have things in the shed that bring back these memories, stuff Scotts party left behing on the last fateful expedition still there. If you ever get a chance to look at this book do, talk about wabi sabi!
A shot of my garden with the sedums and garlic chives giving it a beauty I didnt think these plants could give and the other evening we had another one of those skies I had to photograph, an eerie light which transformed into this.

Well I had better feed the dogs and wonder about what to feed us as well, John will be late back from meetings and hungry for proper food as last night it was the ubiquitous finger food!
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Robin Mac said...

Lovely photos Penny. So sad about your mare. I am glad you told the dentist off, I hate being told I am not doing my cleaning properly when I am trying to follow what they are saying. thankfully I have found a lovely dentist now who is not a bit like that. Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers

Suztats said...

So sorry to read of you losing your mare. It sounds a dreadful time with the dentist, too.
I've had trouble with my teeth all my life...being told I was lazy even when I was brushing/flossing regularly. I had my first root canal from an abscessed tooth at the age of 14, without the benefit of freezing!!
Only once in my adult life have I gone for a regular check-up and not had to have something done! I just had a molar crowned, and found out one on the oposite side needs doing before it crumbles away.
Now they are saying that new research indicates some people have saliva with a high acidity that eats away the tooth enamel. Oh, lucky me! That might explain the reflux and digestive problems, and why white lipstick turned dark pink on me.
Hope today is a better one for you.

Hildred and Charles said...

Lovely photos Penny, - Sedums are one of my favourite autumn flowers. Condolences on the loss of your mare, and good for you for standing up to your dentist, - goodness only knows they charge enough and could be polite and understanding that not everyone is lucky to have good strong teeth.

Downunderdale said...

sorry to hear about your mare Penny and i know exactly what you are saying baout the dentist - I am afraid I blew my stack and now everyone is so nice to me.... they must go to treat patients like little kids class....