Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A walk and a bit of stitching

I hope the first one comes up, sometimes when I blog through picasa strange things happen, any way it has been cool and a bit windy for the last few days, so this mornings walk towards Wright Island and the Bluff showed the remains of storms with a rough sea.
A glorious morning for a walk.
I spent the early hours of Tuesday morning thowing up, I am not sure why, so missed my painting and my beading class. Thank goodness we had organised Mason with toys down in the stable.
The walk this morning was especially lovely after that, and I do feel better.
While all this was going on I have managed to do a few odds and ends, another heart, four more beetles finally finished and a heap of pin dolls which I made out of left over fabric I had made into something else and didnt like.
I feel a bit funny about showing these as I have, since making them, and thinking they were my idea found some that are almost identical on Gina Ferrari's blog, as a long time doll maker pin dolls are something I have done for years and this was an old pattern in a sketchbook, oh well I suppose nothing is totally new in this world.
We are off to Melbourne for a few days on Saturday to catch up with family and friends, I wish it was longer but John has meetings. (Sometimes I get fed up with all his meetings!)
Off to catch up on some ironing.
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Doreen G said...

Throwing up in the morning Penny--nothing you want to tell us is there. :-}}
Love the heart and your other bits and bobs too.

ArtPropelled said...

Such fun things you've been making! Hope you are feeling much better now Penny.

Wanda..... said...

Your creations are so heart warming, Penny...I love viewing them. Many visitors to my sitting room inquire about the creations I have from you. They are treasured, Penny!

Sorry you started your day feeling ill.

annie said...

Hope you are feeling better, Penny. I love Doreen G's comment.
That stitching on the heart fills MY heart with amazement. So beautiful.

ColourFly said...

Dear Panny,

I am the lucky one who got your quilt from ALQS 5. It arrived safe in Germany. And I am soooo HAPPY!!!!!!
Thanks a lot.