Saturday, March 26, 2011

A short walk from home

No walk by the sea this week end, John had a nasty cut off the top of his foot and it is still quite tender and he doesnt fancy walking so I took myself for a short walk around the road and the farm. It is so green, I really cant remember seeing the area as green as this in March
for many many years.
So the first photo is looking back as I left the house to the back door area, the rubbish bins hide behind the door you can see, and the path leads up to a shed and into one garden where an aged pug resides in what was once the old laundry and also to the right of the shed into the walled garden, where the black pug lives. I have to keep them seperated as one is male and one female, and the little black girl tends to dig holes in the back of the very old dog.
I went down past the dairy and the stables, looked at the weanlings and then turned down the road where the manchurian pear in the paddock divider is turing red, early signs of autumn, then down further to look at the main creek where it passes under the road, full but muddy but with lovely reflections, there was an older bridge there once but this is a newer one.
As I turned to come back I took the photo of the neighbours just to show how green all the paddocks are.
Not a long walk but far enough for protesting knees.
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Doreen G said...

I know what you mean about everything being green Penny-our back yard was brown earth this time last year and now it is so green.
And our native trees are growing by the day-it is so beautiful.
I cannot ever remember our yard being as lovely as it is now.

Wanda..... said...

Lovely walk, Penny...I'm waiting for Spring to green up everything here.