Saturday, March 19, 2011

The sea this morning

A very rough and tumble sort of sea with surfers out in it around the point off the Sandy Beach at Pt Elliott, it was hard to get them catching waves but I did just with one, I was also shooting into the sun so that made it even more difficult.
I took dozens of photos, you may see more in the next few days. It depends on what I do and what photos I take.
We had a lovely walk, I had been shopping at the market and John had collected the papers, very cool for this time of the year this morning but it warmed up this afternoon, supposed to rain tomorrow but who knows the forcasts have been a bit haphazard.
I have painted a green and ochre body and they are hanging in the rose out the front to dry, you may see them when I have finished them.
We went out to dinner last night, it was very pleasant but I got cramps in the night so my nights sleep was not as I would have liked it.
Apart from the walk I have had to put hoses back on and do some watering, and I have washed, why do men seem to want tomorrow the shirt you havent washed!
I have also been cooking, I stuffed some lovely mushrooms for lunch and stewed up some rhubarb and apple and then made a soup, for dinner tonight I am marinating some beef to go on skewers, we havent had that for ages and we may even sit outside to have it.
John has just come in to tell me we had two kangaroos right in the horse paddock by the back gate, they dont usually come quite so close but I suppose with no Jake any more they are getting more confident, not that I want them quite that close. As John said, he was quietly admiring the huge pumpkins on the vine and looked up and there they were.

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ColourFly said...


Wonderful pictures. Here it is snowing again :-((((
I had enough winter for this year!

Did you get my e-mail or got it lost in the www?????


annie said...

Gorgeous surf, Penny. Thanks, again, for your photos--especially of the sea--I really do feast on them.

Hildred and Charles said...

I think your sea photos are fabulous, Penny, and love the tale of the kangaroos surprising John as he contemplated the pumpkins