Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Girls

Dressed and ready to go hopefully to be sold at Textile Forum in Ballarat.
I put my alien girls undressed on my other blog, last night Millie thought the green one looked like Mummy! At three she should know better.
I have had one of those days, finally to myself and would you believe I spent half the morning trying how to work out french knitting on my clover spool, I have eventually got my head around it, one of the troubles being that the instructions were so small I couldnt read them and had to look on the net.
I then decided this afternoon that I really did need to master herringbone stitch in beading, so unpicked and unpicked but I have finally worked it out, the flat one, heavens I dont think I can do circular peyote let alone tubular herringbone.
I need to have much bigger beads as I really cant see terribly well I have spent a lot of the day sitting and freezing, I have finally had to put on a heater it is so cold.
Just done my feeds and had a small walk with John who had a nasty cut off his foot so doesnt want to walk far, we have some new calves, the first of the season, foals are being weaned, and their paddocks are now about to become calf paddocks.
Its all go once it rains.
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