Thursday, March 10, 2011

Home from melbourne

We are back after a very busy few days. The top photo I took from the plane and shows the Lakes and Coorong area, now with plenty of water in them.
Then a photo of the skyline from our walk to the Botanic Gardens, I think but am not sure that one of those is the tallest building but I could be wrong, I just have a thing about city skylines, perhaps because I dont see them often.
This photo is one of the many small lovely old arcades that dot Melbourne and where we had coffee/morning tea( see the sign!) with the two friends from Yorkshire we stayed with a year or so ago. Stephen is here to judge and it was a golden opportunity to catch up as we are not showing at the show he is judging at.
It was very old fashioned and a glorious old shop but no where to take a decent photo as the tables were very crowded and very full. The tea was excellent, the cakes looked outlandishly delicious but I didnt have any, we had scones and the coffee was ok, I think tea is the main idea here.
It was very warm and humid in Melbourne and did finally rain a bit, we had some while we were away but not as much as some areas.
I seem to have done nothing but wash since we got back last night, lots to do but it is Adelaide tomorrow as it is my older sisters birthday and I will take her out for lunch.
After that a mega diet I think!
I have lots more photos which I will put up later, there had been a school group, I think on the beach and there were some wonderful castles and mermaids I took photos of.

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