Monday, October 18, 2010

TAST, New stitchery, new painting and photos!

Here is my TAST for this week, it is called lock stitch and was a bit tricky to do until I worked it out, this is from Sharon b's Pintangle blog weekly stitch to do, see my side bar for her blog.
Next is a small piece I did last night, stitching into a gelatin print, they are so much fun to do and very soothing just using the running stitch. This one is to go into my Notebook project that Glenys Mann is running. I am using as my theme the stamps and lino cuts I have done and various other printing methods, first the print and then the stitch.
The next photo is of the painting I bought at the silent auction on Friday night, called South Coast Scene by Anna Haig. I really liked it as it is the sort of scene I see so often around here.
I even think I know where she painted it from.
Next a couple of photos I took while we were walking yesterday, the groyne which is really falling apart these days and then the scene towards Pt Elliot, grey skies with a bit of break.
I have washed today and it is still cold and grey, I had hoped for some sun.
A house work sort of day, that cat Oscar and his hair shedding!
I hope to get some weeding done, one barrow full will do me, so I am off before it gets too late and I give up for the day.


Robin Mac said...

Lovely photos as usual Penny, the embroidery looks interesting. I love the painting - what is a 'silent' auction? Hope you get some sunshine soon. Cheers, Robin

Wanda..... said...

Your stitching creation is beautiful, is the painting you bought!