Sunday, October 03, 2010

I am not happy with Blogger

I hope who ever runs blogger has their ears burnt off!!
My account says I have ex amount of whatevers that I have paid for to put photos up and yet still they will not load.
I have wasted so much time today on this and no one will answer my query, you would think they would make things simple for non computer savvy people but the more you look for an answer the more confused you become. If only you could actually contact some one.
Enough of my rant.
I am home. I have photos. I had a lovely time except that my knee is killing me, again! Perhaps I will have to have the mri done my doctor suggested.
Still time to enter my give away.
Back tomorrow.


Sally Westcott said...

Hi penny.

I think you are not alone! A few blogs I watch have had the same problem - wait a while (read may a day or two) and try again.


Sally - covered in paint but too exhausted to post!

ArtPropelled said...

Exactly! Many hours wasted trying to get to the bottom of problems on Blogger.When i try to find someone to tell I can never find an address. I suppose they would be inundated if there was an email address.Hope this frustration works itself out Penny.

Robin Mac said...

I have a hate up for blogger too Penny - I had got used to the old system, but this new one is just maddening!!! I had to succumb to an MRI on my knee last week, now I am waiting for an appointment with the orthapod - apparently I need an arthroscopy - I seem to have done nothing but fall apart after reaching my three score years and ten last year! Cheers, Robin

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Hmm, paying for uploading photos on Blogger is new to me, I thought it was all a free service ?
Best of luck on your knee, I had mine scoped and meniscus trimmed some fifteen years ago, and it's been a problem ever since.
Maybe yours will not need that...

Ruby said...

I have just been up-loading photos from my trip to Morocco. The first lot loaded fine and then for no reason it stopped loading. I waited a couple of hours and then it was okay, for no obvious reason. Dont despair, and dont give up. It will come right.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Close your eyes and count slowly to ten - don't let blogger get you down - just try again tomorrow.

Julie Oakley said...

Very frustrating.
Penny, I have 2 suggestions, Try using another free photo hosting service such as Flickr. You just copy the code and paste into your blogger post.
Also if you upload big pictures I think you may use up your hosting space quicker so create a smaller size photo just for uploading to Flickr or blogger or photobucket

shirley said...

I yearn for the days when one could pick up a phone and speak to a human being, or write a letter and get a reply...I think they do exist, but not in blogland. Good luck hope it gets fixed soon.

virginia said...

Great comments! I have tried endlessly to send comments on your blog, sometimes with success and sometimes not. I think I'd rather stay with the good old e mail or snail mail. I had an arthroscopy and mensicus scraping about 15 years ago. It worked after a lot of pain and trouble. Now they want to put spare bits of knee in. I've had enough of spare parts so am just accepting the fact that I'm not 25. My grandmother didn't race around all over the place and neither did yours, now I come to think of it.
Lots of love,