Friday, October 22, 2010

Clematis and children

My first clematis blooms are out for the year, seems only a few months ago that they were out for the last season. Shown here in the flowering plum which is being weighed down with that and the Japanese wisteria.
We went over to Tab and Johns for a bbq last night, a lovely evening and we sat outside until it got cold with the night getting darker.
My grand and great grand children were there, Millie who Mason calls Mimi! and Mason who is all boy and drives his mother mad but is so cute, and then big sister (to Millie) and aunt to Mason, Celina who Millie calls Cici. Millie was mimicking Celina, hands on hips.
Celina was fooling around with Spot the dog, at 13 she is really rather gorgeous, well they all are but Celina is suddenly growing up, well one minute she is and the next an absolute dag.
Dont you love the rubber boots.
Horrid day today, hot and very windy and my hay fever has erupted although we have had a bit of rain now which has settled things a bit.


ArtPropelled said...

Gorgeous grandkids! The flowers are pretty cool too :-)

Julie said...

How sweet to be with the kids and grands! I do love the rubber boots! Very cute :)