Friday, October 08, 2010

Our Pin Up Boy.

This dun Section B stallion is all of my breeding on the dams line going back six generations.
Isnt he lovely? He graces the front cover of this quarters Welsh Pony and Cob Society of Australia's magazine Action and the photo was taken by my daughter Sarah.
I am no professional photographer and I dont have her equipment but I have fun.
Caroline asked me to take a photo of the peacocks who are displaying at the moment as it is mating season. So here is one of the males, the females are hidden at the moment.
Then some photos of Spring in the garden, Pear blossom, tamarisk blossom (the pink at the back) weeds(!) and dutch Iris.
The quince blossom on the tree, best for ages so we hope for nice quinces in autumn. just hope the parrots dont eat them all first.
Finally the wisteria on the front terrace it has been looking magnificent, the longer Japanese one is just starting to flower around the back. I am rather afraid it will kill the flowering plum it is climbing in but I am very loath to do anything about it. I just love the long racemes and the lovely perfumed, although it is not the white one I thought I had bought but pale mauve.
We are having the oddest weather, cold overnight, misty and damp in the early morning and then quite warm and humid this afternoon. I really dont know whether to water the pots and bits of the garden or not.
Yesterday as I was hanging out the clothes on the line, I had just let out my one hen left near there and was watching it when a tiny rabbit with two white front paws appeared and almost came up to me. It had better be careful as John has been on the war path with a shotgun, there are a worrying number of rabbits around at the moment. We dont need to go back to the rabbit plagues of the 1930's its bad enough that we could have huge swarms of locusts eating everything in their path this summer.
We get a good season and the plagues hit us!
I am also rather concerned about snakes, they are out and about so Mr Oscar is confined to quarters which he hates but I saw a 6 ft brown the other day on the road and goodness knows what could be around the sheds.


Doreen G said...

I can see why you are so proud Penny he is indeed a handsome boy.

PamelaB said...

Oh!, he is gorgeous! Your blog is amazing the flowers are lovely but I don't envy you the snakes and locusts.

Robin Mac said...

Wonderful photos Penny - you should be so proud of your boy. I hope you get a good crop of quinces - stewed quinces and quince jelly with tht beautiful deep ruby red colour - yum! Cheers, Robin

ArtPropelled said...

He is absolutely gorgeous, Penny!The thought of a swarm of locusts sends shivers down my spine. Can't stand them!

Suztats said...

Oh, how regal he looks! Marvelous!

Wanda..... said...

He has beautiful coloring, love his mane, ears and eyes...well everything!

virginia said...

The wisteria is absolutely magnificent, as is the peacock and that beautiful fellow. He is a real beauty!
Diana is leaving for Oz tonight. I will be thinking of you all there and wish I was there, too.
We have the most magnificent October weather at the moment. The sky< is deep blue, the river is blue, blue with silver sparkles and the leaves are beginning to change. I hope it stays like that for a while. Lots of love to you and John,