Sunday, October 17, 2010

The cockle train and Pelicans

We went walking this morning, the first time in ages as my knee has not been up to it, and we finally went down to the beach and saw the cockle train go roaring past.
Then first one and then two pelicans in the sea. It was cold and a bit drizzly and these were in the mouth of the little river that has finally burst through to the sea.
Some times they stood, or walked or swam but they trawled up and down, I suppose looking for fish although how they would see any in the muddy water I dont know.
They kept a wary eye on the waves breaking near them I dont think they would be able to surf very well.
I took loads of photos because they looked so lovely and yet funny as well in their large gangly way.
We have been quite social lately, out to dinner last night although the drive there and back was a bit fraught on the back roads, a lot of kangaroos, cattle on the road and finally two fallow deer shot across in front of us. I have never seen them in the wild before, although they are introduced. I think some of the farms that tried deer farming had a lot of escapes as I hear of more and more around the district, and not just fallow but wapiti as well. Wouldnt want to hit one of those.
Trying to get some more stuff tidied up both inside and outside the house, today I am vacuuming up cat hair, tomorrow I hope to get at the forget me nots which are seeding, I love them when they flower, hate them when I have to pull them up and get the seeds all over me.

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Julie said...

A "Cockle Train" sounds so interesting. Why is it named that? Where does it go? Very alluring.

I found Pintangle last night and read about Tast. Sounds awesomely fun...hope to have time to start this week!!! Wish me luck!