Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More spring blossoms

We had a very hot day yesterday with a north wind, and then a cool change this morning with a bit of rain, but not enough, The heat certainly brought out the blossom in the garden, the pear trees look stunning this year and when I took the photos this morning it was almost as if we had a light fall of snow with the blossom falling to the ground.
This is the very long Japanese wisteria which is doing its best to strangle the plum by the bedroom door, but I love these very long racemes and I notice a little red fuchsia has wound its way up the tree and is poking a few flowers out.
The crab apple is stunningly gorgeous and the red bottle brush is just starting to flower and all the honey loving birds are gathering around it. I have planted a few of these around the garden, different colours and some flower at different times as I love my small honey eaters that are all over the garden., so many small birds nesting this year.
Such a shame this will be over far too quickly and then we have to look forward to horribly hot dry days.
Yesterday came out of 22 degree C days and suddenly it was 30! None of us were used to it and fell in a heap.
Our friends left on Monday morning, I had a Women's and Children's Hospital Auxiliary meeting all day as our big fund raiser is on Friday and there were a lot of things to finalise.
We had a lovely relaxed week end, out to dinner on Saturday night and a lovely lunch sitting out on Sunday followed by a roast dinner, I seemed to do nothing but cook, but with only two of us we dont do much special cooking any more so it was fun to do, but we ate and drank far too much and back to the diet today!


virginia said...

What beautiful blossoms, Pen. How lucky you are to be going into spring. It is autumn here now with cold nights and early mornings. During the day it reaches about 15° to 17° and we have deep blue skies and wonderful sunshine!



Robin Mac said...

Those trees and the wisteria are a sight to behold Penny. I love all the small honey eaters which visit my garden as well. Hope you get a bit more rain and some cool days before summer really starts - we are having more rain and cool days again up here, quite crazy.

Kay said...

I always love the photos of your garden! I didn't know bottle brush came in any color but red. Though they don't bloom as lovely in the fall as in the spring, ours in Texas are blooming now and attracting bright orioles and hummingbirds. I'm not sure what honey eaters are, but they sound lovely! (I'll look them up.)