Saturday, October 16, 2010

Miss Front page Girl and some embroidery

Millie made it to the front page of our local paper this week, riding a pony at the local Agricultural Show. She was so pleased.
I have also been playing with these little embroideries, no idea what I am doing with them but taken from my sketchbook it keeps me amused at night.
Some one cut through a fiber optic cable a couple of days ago and mucked up our internet, as well as the 3G on the mobile phones but we are finally back with it today. John was not pleased as he lost an entire days work, I just couldnt post.
We have been very busy, our fundraising art auction was held last night and we think we have raised about $20,000 for the Children's Hospital which is incredible.
I am so tired as I have been helping on it for a day or so but I did manage to buy a painting after my first two preferred ones went way out of my budget.
Damp and extremely cold, I am going for a short nanny nap as we are out to dinner tonight and last night I was on my feet for hours.
The rain has been good though, about 31 mm so we are all feeling a bit happier as the sudden burst of heat dried the ground out so quickly.


Robin Mac said...

Doesn't Millie look pleased with herself. How frustrating to have that cable cut - and how expensive for the person who did it! Enjoy your dinner tonight. Have you the results of the MRI yet? I am on a diet, hoping to lose a lot of weight and avoid a knee replacement! Cheers, Robin

Doreen G said...

Wow doesn't Millie look gorgeous and a real natural.
We have had a lot of rain as well but the sun has just popped out for a while.It has been so cold here we have had to put the heater on again.

ArtPropelled said...

Millie looks so sweet and very chuffed with herself. Very frustrating being cut off from the world. It's amazing how we rely on that connection. We do however seem to get a lot done when we are without it.
Maybe you can add the embroidered pieces to your slow cloth.

shirley said...

Millie looks so gorgeous but so tiny on that big horse. But I agree with Robin Mac she does look very pleased with herself.

I can imagine you being upset at losing the internet...wouldn't you think people would know where cables are.

Glad you had you sweet little embroideries to fill the void.

Wanda..... said...

Love Millie's little smile. She looks so at ease and natural sitting on that horse!