Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Garden photos and more Notebook pages

The garden looks glorious today, now that the sun has finally decided to shine and the skies are blue.
New leaves on a flowering plum, a hanging basket of native orchids, and a cyclamen still flowering.
I managed to clear 2 wheelbarrows of weeds today but there are many more yet to be done.
I have had the results of the MRI, not good news and have an appointment with the specialist in early November. Not sure what he will suggest but at least I know I have had a reason for the pain.
I played around a bit more with my bird stamp and so two pages from my Notebook, one I did on fabric and did some sewing around and the other page was just the birds on the page, not brilliant but I am trying to show what I have done and how it could be used in fabric.
Yesterday I received Gwen Heldley's new book 'Drawn to Stitch' in the post and I have had a lovely time going through it. Lots of ideas.
We will be in Adelaide tomorrow so I probably wont post.
Oh and Julie asked what the cockle train was. Originally it was a steam train that ran along the coast from Victor Harbor to Goolwa and back it was known as the cockle train as people used it to go to Goolwa and go to the beach and collect the cockles. Some times the steam train still runs or it is an old diesel (I think!). A great tourist train and the view from it of the surf beaches is superb.


annie said...

Thanks for sharing the MRI with us, Penny. I'm sure a lot of your followers have been waiting to hear--I surely have. While the news might be daunting, it can be useful, at least, to KNOW, as you say. It must feel useful to get at the weeds, but PLEEEEASE watch all that weed pulling? The garden does look lovely.
Love the little bird. It looks so happy with the colors.

Kay said...

I am fascinated with your print and stitch work--and thinking of all sorts of possibilities. I haven't tried, but think I will. I remember doing some printing in school many many years ago.
I hope you get help for your pain.
Your garden is lovely.

Hildred and Charles said...

I love to see your garden starting to bloom and grow, Penny, as we put ours to bed for the winter.

Although the news from your MRI gives you cause for concern I hope it is a tool on your way to recovery of your good health.

downunderdale said...

Just hope all works out for you Penny - thinking of you