Monday, October 04, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.

This is what I bought myself as a Birthday present at Geelong, a wonderful very soft wool scarf that has been hand dyed with natural dyes, with eucalyptus leaves on it. Made by Pam Hovel of Raw Edge textiles I just love it, and it is so unbelievably soft.
the next photos are a bit out of order, the Geelong Grammar school chapel, this school is wonderful, set by the bay it is magic. The middle one is of Jimmy, the family in Melbournes dog, with a bit of Will in the bushes with another dog at the beach. Jimmy is a short haired pointer, 10 months old and loves going like a rocket with other dogs. He wouldnt stay still for me to take a decent shot of him so he looks really silly.
the last photo is of one of the lovely statues in the grounds, with a bit added, at textile forums there is always a bit of silliness going on and it had been so cold the knitting lot decided to make some thing warm for the little artists to wear.
After a lot of grumbling I have finally worked out that I had to sign in and out of picasa for the money I had paid to work as my GB's, it took John all of a few minutes to work it out although I had been through all the other help bits before. For those of you who dont know, you only have a certain amount of free space and then you pay, in my case 1000 photos and then for 20 GB $5 a year, we will see how long that takes to run out. I just wish that for non computer people like me it was a bit simpler, I know how things I do work and then fall in a heap when they dont.
I will do the draw for the Give away tonight and post it then, so still time for any comments.


Wanda..... said...


Your present to yourself is lovely!

Sally Westcott said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Happy Birthday dear Penny
Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have the best day!


Doreen G said...

Love the scarf Penny--hope you have a wonderful day with all the family--I will post my ATC tomorrow.

Julie said...

Lovely scarf, for the birthday girl, Penny!!! Happy B-Day!

ArtPropelled said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Penny!! Glad you treated yourself to that gorgeous hand dyed scarf. very pleased to see your photographs up again. The Picasa thing worries me. I really need to find out more about it.

Robin Mac said...

Glad yousorted out the Picasa thing. I just wish blogger was a bit easier to use - I am doing lots of grumbling these days! Cheers, Robin

Arija said...

I fully agree with the sentiment in your heading so Happy Birthday to you brave girl! Mine was on th e25th of Sept and today my lovely tree is speckled with blossom.
Malus floribunda is flowering all over both in India's garden and mine. Green gauge plums are a picture but the wisteria is just starting at one end.
The tulips are still out in force and I have acquired a dwarf, or at least small leaf daphne odora that tolerates full sun and is covered in blooms.
All for your birthday.

Love the scarf. Beautiful leaf prints but what is the eucalypt you used???

Geelong Grammer must be a fab. school, even prince Charles spent at least a term there, rah, rah!

If you have half as magical a birthday as the children made for me you definitely are having a great one.

Mine was the best ever! They do look after this fragile old girl rather well.

The girls are doing our last bit of crutching and marking lambs just now and will come up for gins and tonic when they are done. Ah, what a splendid life it is!

Hope your knee stops aching so you can do the f
fandango again.
Methinks you could do with a Reiki treatment.

XOX . . . Arija

shirley said...

Penny I am in the "hate technology" mood at the moment. Was sitting by my computer yesterday talking on the phone to a friend when the light shone on my dusty keyboard so picked up a cloth and proceeded to dust it......wrong thing to do....dont know what I hit, but the screen went black and could not get out or turn it off...eventually held the turn off button to achieve a shutdown, but because I had my google page and gmail page minimised at the time have lost all my connections to my server. ...gggrrr. Fortunately still have my old slow computer, but it does not recognise my camera.....ggrrr hurry up clever son and come for a visit!

shirley said...

By the way Penny, love the scarf, it looks beautiful and would be lovely and warm. Your family photos show you had a lovely time.